Losing Farms

There is a CSA farm down the street from me where I am luckily able to buy fresh grown vegetables. It also happens to be the largest block of undeveloped land in the town. The farmer has recently sold the land to the town and now there is a hullabaloo about what to do with the property. It is clear the town wants it to remain open space, as that was the rational for the purchase. So what is open space?

It seems that the idea that has captured a portion of the town’s imagination is recreation space – a ballfield, soccer field or some such thing. This is mindboggling in light of the fact there are over a dozen such places within two miles of this property. Some people do want to keep it as a farm and turn it into a true community garden. People can ask for a plot and grow their own vegetables, flowers or whatever crop they want. There are a few small scale gardens in this and a few neighboring towns. It seems like a good idea and one that is much more in line with actually preserving some true open space.

Now the town meeting are being held and each side is getting to plead their case . I really do hope that there community garden model holds sway. If this space is converted we will lose the last farm in what once was a farming community. Over one hundred years ago “truck” farming was a major industry here, supplying the city of Boston with produce. That history and the last farm will hopefully not be lost. It is odd to look at a satellite image of the area today and compare it to some of the old historical pictures that you can find in various history books about this area.

So much change.

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